Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My V-Day

Dear Grandpa,

Yesterday was interesting. Aside from the "I love you" text that Mom sends when she thinks I need a pick-me-up, my Valentine's Day morning was obnoxious, to say the least. My friend and his ex tried to be all cute and lovey-dovey for V-Day and start things over from the beginning, even though you can't really ever "start things over" once you've been together for 1.5 years, and even though they are so obviously avoiding the giant elephant in their "relationship", and even though they never should have been together in the first place! Facebook was blowing up with holiday statuses and people kept on posting their stupid gifts that probably died, melted, or was eaten by now. All of the restaurants bumped up their prices, so going out for lunch was completely out of the option. If you can't tell by now, Grandpa, I was cranky... kind of like how you used to get before, after, and during your baths.

Luckily for me, I was surprised by a visit from Matan who, brought nothing special, wore nothing special, and planned nothing special. It was great! The rest of my night was so relaxing and normal and I completely forgot it was Valentine's Day. To top it off, we watched my all time favorite, Top Gear, and laughed at however many two hour specials we watched until we fell asleep. The thing that made it great, was that it was so ordinary and enjoyable. I didn't need to get Matan anything for him to know that I love him and he felt the same. The greatest gift I could have asked for, was knowing that my niece was safe at home for her very first day out of the hospital. The simple things in life is all I need to stay happy.

I know how traditional you were, Grandpa, because we were raised so differently. I know you always got Grandma flowers and chocolates and probably had a romantic night on Valentine's Day, but think of the rest of the year when you and her fought all the time and how you weren't always happy together; you shouldn't have had to be forced to change your feelings because of one state holiday. If you're not in love, then don't be, and if you are, then be in love, but not just for one day. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from. I'm not trying to be bitter on purpose or complain because I'm unhappy, but I want you to see how love should be. I love you and I don't just write to you on Valentine's Day, or send you special videos to show how much I care. You should know that I care and feel the same amount of love each day, forever. You're my forever valentine :).

Love always
Your granddaughter

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