Monday, April 23, 2012


Dear Grandpa,

Trust is a difficult thing to master.  You either trust too much and allow for deceit and pain to take over, or you don't trust at all and live on lies.  There is a fine line between the two where you can have the best of both worlds, but that takes years to earn.  College tests your sense of trust with friends, school work, and management, giving you the freedom and the evils that lurk somewhere behind all of the parties, raging alcoholics, and parent-less dorms.

For the most part, I trust too much.  I don't think I've respected my self worth and I've befriended people that aren't deserving of my generosity.  Not to say that I'm the ideal student, but it feels like none of these people have ambitions or work towards getting out of college; it's like they're stuck in this vortex of freedom and little responsibility and have no desire to make it into the real world.  They're completely fine with living pay check to pay check and they put their lives at risk literally every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (if they're lucky).

That's not me, Grandpa.  You worked hard for our family and I appreciate all of the advice and strength you gave Mom to be the first person to go to college and become super successful and raise a loving family that understands the values of life, while living in a multi-million dollar home.  I know how important to you to live comfortably and not have the worries that you did growing up in such a hateful world.  I'm so lucky to have such a great family that truly gives a damn about what I do and is hard on me.  Because of them, because of you, I will be successful and I will be important, but more importantly, I will be wise past my years and learn to trust just enough.

Love always,
Your granddaughter

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