Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Grandpa,


Girls hate it, boys dread it, friends prepare for it. I know I have been PMSing because, hell, who else cryes to Melanie and Marko's dance routine on SYTYCD? I eat too much, I whine too much, I hate too much. It's pretty much a major downhill in every month of every year of every woman's menstrual life. 

Grandpa, I know you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, but for all of the other ladies out there, I think you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about when I say that men PMS too! Maybe it's not the same time, or reason, but men have a tendency to get particularly needy, annoying, and emotional at least once every month. For example, Daddy got extremely mad today, with good reasons, but not good enough to get to the level of anger he did today. I'm pretty sure the two hours of traffic we sat in coming home is a good base of all of this anger, but this wouldn't be the first time he sat in that amount of traffic this month either. Also, where the feelings might simmer down the next day, he continues to hold grudges and walk around, thinking "I am totally on the right page here and the rest of the world is wrong." 

I know what you're thinking, Grandpa:  PMS is all in the science and I'm silly to think that boys PMS. Well, I think it has a lot to do with mother nature and I have a hard time thinking that she would make things so unfair (that combined with the fact that she is a woman!!) It might have a different name and different scientific reasoning, but the conclusion to this letter here is that boys PMS just like girls do. The end!

Love always,
Your granddaughter

P.S. Here is the dance routine just in case you're PMSing and feel the need to cry :)

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