Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 Days

Dear Grandpa,

4 is a very special number today. It signifies the amount of days that have passed without facebook (death), the amount of midterms I have this week (also death), and the number of days until I leave to Puerto Rico (your hearts devotion). I am bored, scared, but also super excited all at the same time. 

The facebook thing is quite a struggle. I find myself looking to my bookmarks bar to click on the stupid little facebook icon, but alas. I deleted it. I hate myself for doing this, but I'm also kind of proud of how much more work I am getting done. The 'rents definitely know what they're talking about.

The midterm thing is terrible. This school is not only more demanding, but definitely more time consuming and this is not what I'm used to. All I know is, I better get awesome grades because I've been studying so much that haven't even started packing for Puerto Rico.

The trip thing is the only part that has been keeping my blood pumping. This whole week was absolutely terrible and it is definitely not stopping today. I know you must miss being there, so I'm leaving you a few pictures to remind you of your home.

We'll definitely be seeing this natural wonder of the world: the phosphorescent bay.

I wish you were here with me to swim out to the dock in Crash Boat. It's the only water that I can see straight to the bottom and am not afraid to swim in.

You know how Mom and I love to shop! Old San Juan is the love of my life!

Ugh, can't it be Thursday already?

Love always,
Your granddaughter

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